Interview with Nanna: Drew Carey’s Apple Coffee Cake

I asked Nanna about the recipes she’d like to include in her blog.

She didn’t hesitate. Not for one second. She jumped up from her chair in the kitchen and foraged around in the cupboard above her (Lady Kenmore) stove and pulled out a notebook. In the notebook, a recipe taken from a magazine was taped inside:

img_4335From the November 30th, 1996 edition of TV Guide, may I present Drew Carey’s “Apple Coffee Cake”.

Just look at Drew Carey’s smile, inviting all of us to try his recipe. I trust him. And so does Nanna, because as she says, “he is so nice”.

She proceeded to tell me how she watches his show every day (sometimes she misses it if she forgets), and that as soon as she saw the recipe, she read it, realized that she had all of the ingredients at home and figured she’d give it a whirl.

This is the cake that “never goes down”, according to Nanna. Of note: she uses walnuts for the recipe, and the “pan with the hole” (otherwise known as a bundt cake pan, which will always conjure up memories of this gem).

“There’s a hole in this cake”

Ladies and gentlemen, the cake that never goes down.

Recipe: Drew Carey’s Apple Coffee Cake


An Interview With Nanna

2 thoughts on “Interview with Nanna: Drew Carey’s Apple Coffee Cake

  1. This is a great recipe. It is easy and oh so good. Thank you Melissa for sharing it with Scott. It is now my go to coffee cake. Going to bake it tomorrow. Bev Doonan


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