Nanna’s Orange Cookies

The moment you’ve all been waiting for – Nanna’s Orange Cookie recipe!

Here are a few audio notes from Nanna, one important tip being to make sure your cookies don’t look like pourpettes (aka meatballs). If they do, Nanna says you’re rolling them too vigorously to “make them look nice”. Don’t even try it. Easy on the rolling, my friends.

The recipe follows, along with step-by-step visuals. Nanna is getting the hang of me wanting to take pictures of her baking/cooking – she pauses and does product facing like a pro! And there will be points where her hands look like flesh-toned blurs, since my camera can’t quite capture the speed of Nanna’s hands when she’s turning the dough. I’m hoping the technology will be able to catch up to this formidable speed in the future, but I’m not holding my breath.


Orange Cookies: English Version


Orange Cookies: Calabrese Version


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